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Address : LUCKNOW
District : Lucknow
State : Uttar Pradesh

FSTOE (Federation State Technical Official’s Examination)

11th to 13th  May 2018 * LUCKNOW 

The Federation Technical Official’s Examination (FSTOE) shall be organized by Athletics Federation of India (AFI) at Lucknow (U.P.) from 11th to 13th May 2018.


AFI will nominate Examiners/Observers for Centre in Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow).

There will be a Technical Workshop of participating Officials for 12 hrs., spread on 11th & 12th May 2018, prior to the Examination.

After the Workshop, the Federation Technical Official’s Examination shall be held on 13th May 2018 at 8.00 am for two hours which will be in English language.

After the Written test the Viva-Voce & Practical Test will be conducted by a set of qualified Examiners. 

The last session will be for the physical ability test.

The Examination evaluation will be divided in two parts – 100 marks for Theory & 100 marks for Viva-Voce, Practical & Physical ability test. The Ranking of successful candidates will be declared for those candidates who obtain 75 % or more marks, separately in Theory & Viva-Voce/Practical/Physical ability tests. The Result of the Examination will be declared within thirty days (30) days.  

The Examination fees is Rupees One Thousand One Hundred (Rs.1,100/-) per candidate. 

The arrangement for conducting the FSTOE shall be the responsibility of Host State i.e. U.P. Athletics Association. 

The Examination will be conducted on the IAAF Rules Regulations (IAAF Competition Rules Book * 2016-2017.

The Registration of candidates (Recommended by the Hony Secretary U. P. Athletics Association) shall be held prior to the Technical Workshop on 11th May 2018 at 8.00 am. The candidates must inform U.P. Athletics Association about their willingness to appear in this examination latest by 8th May 2018. It must be ensured that all candidates qualify the criteria mentioned below. 

Eligibility of Candidates

The Candidates should be resident of any State / UT  of India.

The minimum academic qualification of the candidate is Higher-Secondary (High-School). This criteria may be relaxed by AFI in the case of National / International Athletes / BPEd. & MPEd and women candidates.

The maximum age of the candidates is 40 years. (May be relaxed for National Athletes) 

The candidate must have physical ability to complete/run 1000m Walk/Run within seven (7) minutes.


FSTOE (Federation State Technical Official’s Examination)

11th to 13th May 2018 * LUCKNOW

Procedure & Conduct

Following Time schedule may be followed for the smooth conduct of the FSTOE. 

(The Timings may be adjusted according to the Local conditions)

11th MAY 2018 (Friday)- 08.00 hrs. Registration of candidates.

Day “1” 08.30 hrs. Tea break.

09.00 hrs. Inauguration of Seminar / Workshop

09.15 hrs. 1st session - Technical Workshop.

13.00 hrs. Lunch break.

13.30 hrs. 2nd session – Technical Workshop..

15.30 hrs. Tea Break.

15.45 hrs. 3rd session – Technical Workshop.

17.00 hrs. Close of the Day “1”.

12th MAY 2018 (Saturday) 08.00 hrs. 4th session – Technical Workshop.

Day “2”- 10.00 hrs. Tea break.

10.15 hrs. 5th session – Technical Workshop.

12.15 hrs. Lunch break.

  . 13.00 hrs. 6th session – Technical Workshop

hrs. Tea break.

   14.45 hrs. Open House * Group Discussion

13th MAY 2018 (Sunday) 08.00 hrs. THEORY EXAMINATION.

Day “3”- 10.00 hrs. VIVA VOCE & PRACTICAL TEST

The Theory Question Papers will be sent by the Chairman Examination Committee AFI to the Observer/Examiner appointed by AFI.

The packet containing the papers will be opened in the Examination Hall before half an hour of the time of starting the paper in-front of the Secretary of U.P. Athletics Association, AFI Observer/Examiner and the Chairman of Technical Committee of UPAA.

After the Theory Examination is over the Copies will be sealed in an envelop in-front of the Hony Secretary UPAA, AFI Observer/Examiner and the Chairman of Technical Committee of UPAA.

The findings of evaluation of Viva-Voce/Practical & Physical ability test will be recorded in a separate sheet. The Local Incharge of the FSTO will be Dr. Ashok K. Gupta, the Chairman Technical Committee (Examination) U.P. Athletics Association.. 

The Registration Forms, List of candidates, Evaluation results of Viva-Voce/Practical & Physical ability test and envelope containing the answer books will be sent to the Chairman Examination Committee by the Observer/Examiner immediately after the Examination. 

This format of organizing the FSTOE is subject to any changes if required. In case of any query / dispute / clarifications the decision of AFI Examination Committee will be final and abiding on all.


C. K. Valson

Hony Secretary AFI

Copy to: P. K. Srivastava- Hony Secretary – U.P. Athletics Association.

Dr. Kripal Singh- Chairman – Examination Committee - AFI. .

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